GLOBAL QUALIFICATIONS Regulated Qualifications University Progression Routes:

Our dynamic pathways allow progression to a final Honours Degree as well as Post Graduate Masters Degree exemptions with our University partners either in the UK or USA. Global Qualifications provide flexible pathways so that learners can succeed and achieve their qualifications both on a full and part time basis. We engage with employers to encourage a learning organisation philosophy so that employees are encouraged to continually develop both academically and professionally.

We have identified some of our University partners opposite who offer students with Global Qualifications accelerated entry into degree and masters degree programmes (MBA/MSc).

Students who follow these pathways can save both substantial fees and time in achieving their academic and professional goals.

For example:

  • Students who complete Global Qualifications Level 4 can either enter Qualif Level 5 or year 2 of a University degree
  • Students who Complete Global Qualifications Level 5 can enter final year of university degree
  • Students who Complete Global Qualifications Level 7 can enter the University to do a dissertation and receive a masters degree
  • Students who complete Level 7 can enter Global Qualifications Level 8

In addition:

  • Students with appropriate work experience may be able to enter Global Qualifications Level 5
  • Students who have appropriate work experience and Global Qualifications Level 5 may be able to enter Global Qualifications Level 7 bypassing final year degree

Clicking on each University opposite will provide more information and identify the pathways.

For more information and options available please contact us.